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Hole 1 • 367 Yards • Par 4

A good opening hole - a straight-forward par-4 opportunity to get loose. It measures 367 yards with a single fairway bunker on the left that requires a drive of 250 to clear it .The green has a false front and is slightly elevated so it keeps short wedges from bouncing onto the green. The green is bunkered left and right.

Hole 2 • 550 Yards • Par 5

Get ready here for a major gear change. Number 2 is a challenging par-5 at 550 yards. From a tee set among mature trees, it first curves right around a long, narrow pond, and then moves back left with another pond that guards the right side of the fairway’s secondary landing area all the way up to the green. And yes - there's also OB all along the left side after you get past the first pond. The green is huge, with an elephant buried in the middle of it - that kicks wedges away from middle and to back hole locations.

Hole 3 • 381 Yards • Par 4

The tee on this par 4 is behind and high above the second green, and the tight driving hole measures 381 yards with trees left and fairway that slopes enough to the right to make the blind tee shots difficult to hold in the fairway. The approach comes off a downhill lie to a green that wraps around a bunker on the left, but slopes to the right down towards a pond. A lot of backspin is required to hold this green, especially when the flag is on the left side.

Hole 4 • 140 Yards • Par 3

Another blind tee shot, but this is a 140-yard uphill par-3. The large putting surface is not visible from the tee and is guarded by large bunkers on both sides. Club selection is the key here.

Hole 5 • 329 Yards • Par 4

A dogleg right par 4 at only 329 yards, off an elevated tee with a pair of bunkers outside the elbow and water on the right side with tall willow trees to punish those who leak it while trying to cut the corner. If you like risk/reward, you’ll love this hole.The second shot is to a large green nestled against the pond with tree branches overhanging the far right of the front.

Hole 6 • 365 Yards • Par 4

A straightaway par-4 at 365 yards of an elevated tee that gets pretty tight in the landing area. Two ponds are in play off the tee with a 70 foot poplar guarding the right side of the fairway. The elevated green is bunkered left and right and has a strong break to the left that is difficult to detect.

Hole 7 • 440 Yards • Par 4

This uphill 403 yard par-4 plays like it’s 440, with a water carry off the tee. The right side of the fairway directs balls farther right into the rough and left side has treacherously close OB. The green is elevated, deep and heavily-bunkered on both sides.

Hole 8 • 177 Yards • Par 3

Waiting for a breather hole? Keep waiting.No. 8 is a 177-yard, all-carry tee ball over a swale-fronted par-3 that plays a club longer than you think. A huge crater-like bunker guards the front above a steep drop off. There’s OB close by on the left and another very tall poplar.

Hole 9 • 389 Yards • Par 4

A 389-yard, dogleg right 4-par with fairway bunkers on both sides of the elbow. Great risk/reward tee shot opportunity – if you can carry the right bunker, you’ll have a short-iron approach to the elevated green. But miss the short grass off the tee, and in the rough on both sides are enough small trees to cause problems. The putting surface is deep, narrow and tightly-bunkered both left and right.Over the green is dead.

Call us at 847-310-1100 for more information or click here to make an online tee time.

NOTE: For golfing gourmands, after you putt out on nine, there is an outdoor grill off the 10th tee with marvelous Italian sausage sandwiches, huge hot dogs, brats and a variety of cold ones. The aroma of grilled sausages will hook you.

Hole 10 • 406 Yards • Par 4

This is the beginning of Hilldale’s version of Amen Corner, our 406-yard, downhill dogleg right with trees guarding the right and OB left. The approach is over water to an elevated, two-level green protected by bunkers left and right. Land on the upper level with the flag on the lower and your are in trouble.

Hole 11 • 602 Yards • Par 5

A slight dogleg right par-5 from an elevated tee tucked into the wood, playing a shoelace-snapping 602 yards. Trees left and right of the chute are claustrophobic, and the third shot is a toughie over a creek to an extremely shallow and flat green bunkered left and right. OB behind the green.

Hole 12 • 345 Yards • Par 4

A deceivingly short 345–yard sharp dogleg right requires a drive of 230 yards to carry the a creek that crosses the fairway. Aim left and it is easy to drive through the fairway and have tree trouble. Trees and bunkers guard the green.

Hole 13 • 191 Yards • Par 3

Unlucky for some, 13 is a killer par-3 that from the tips plays 191 yards. Depending on which tee you hit from, the large pond is either all along the right side or directly in front of you – and it’s all carry. The green is generous from front left to back right and has a series of four cluster bunkers, all along the backside.

Hole 14 • 524 Yards • Par 5

This long, straight hole can be seen from I-90. It’s a 524-yard par-5 and very tight with just enough trees in the right spots.Your second shot needs to get past a tiny but menacing pond on the left.The slightly elevated green is wide and shallow. The front rejects roll-ups.

Hole 15 • 311 Yards • Par 4

This par 4 only measures 311 yards. Smart players hit irons off the tee. It’s downhill but very narrow with trees on both sides. A very deep sand crater blocks the front of the green and stops roll-ups.

Hole 16 • 185 Yards • Par 3

A 185-yard par 3 with trees and a creek on the right and bunkers on both sides. There’s OB left and it is more in play than you think.

Hole 17 • 421 Yards • Par 4

This 421-yard downhill, dogleg right par-4 is a very difficult driving hole. There’s lateral hazards on both sides. Water guards the front of the green and also wraps around to the left. The green is shallow with lots of grain that forces the putts to the front.

Hole 18 &bull. 346 Yard • Par 4

A beautiful finishing hole at 346 yards. There is water in front of the elevated tee and the fairway looks narrow because of the big oaks and clubhouse on the left and more trees on the right. The green is elevated and tightly bunkered.

Call us at 847-310-1100 for more information or click here to make an online tee time.

NOTE: For golfing gourmands, after you putt out on nine, there is an outdoor grill off the 10th tee with marvelous Italian sausage sandwiches, huge hot dogs, brats and a variety of cold ones. The aroma of grilled sausages will hook you.

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