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Policies and Rules

In order to keep Hilldale enjoyable for every golfer, we ask that you abide by the following policies when playing on our Regulation Course.

Member BI-Laws

Pace of Play

Hilldale Golf Course's "Keep Pace" policy states that: 
  • A group is expected to complete 18 holes on the Regulation Course in 4 hours and 20 minutes or less 
  • A group is expected to complete nine holes in two hours and 10 minutes or less. 

Foursomes started on the course at ten (10) minute intervals will finish playing in less than four hours and 20 minutes if they keep pace with the group ahead by maintaining that same ten-minute interval throughout the round. 

Hilldale’s Rangers will help you keep play moving. If your group falls one hole behind, you will be approached by a Ranger and asked to close the gap. If your group fails to do so, you will be asked to pick up and move to the proper position on the course. If the gap is not then closed, you may be asked to leave the course. 

A beginner golfer may be asked to leave the course when he/she cannot reasonably hit the ball or keep up with the normal pace of a public golf course. A full refund will be issued. No refund or rain check will be issued if you receive more than 2 warnings.

How to Keep The Pace 
  • Check in at least 15 minutes before your tee time. Be warmed up and ready to play. 
  • Play from the tee markers that best suit your game. 
  • Hit your ball when ready and safe to do so. 
  • Move to the next tee without delay. 
  • Plan your next shot. 
  • Limit practice swings. This will keep you from getting tired and you will score better! 
  • Remember; limit your time between nines. 
  • Use a "provisional ball" when your ball may be lost. 
  • Monitor your own group for slow play. 
  • Line up your putt while others are putting. 
  • Use "continuous putting" and encourage "picking up" when appropriate. 
  • Keep up with the group ahead of you on the course. Stay within one shot of that group. 
  • Disorderly Behavior 
  • Golf rangers and authorized employees are responsible for orderly play, general policing of the course and seeing that the overall speed of play is reasonably maintained. They may remove a golfer or golfers from the course for any flagrant violations of course rules upon 3rd warning. And conduct, such as obnoxious behavior, intoxication, fighting, damaging of course, failure to follow course design from a hole-to-hole basis, improper use of motorized golf carts, and abusive behavior toward other golfers and/or golf course employees. 
  • It is the responsibility of the golf course management to coordinate all activities and enforce the policies and rules of Hilldale Golf Course. 

Power Carts
  • No more than two riders are allowed at any time on one cart. 
  • Power carts must be kept at least 30 feet from the greens at all times. 
  • Carts will only be rented to and operated by people 16 years or older. At no time will a person under the age of 16 be allowed to operate a motorized golf cart.
  • Persons renting cart from Hilldale Golf Course, shall save, defend, and hold Hilldale Golf Course harmless from any claim or damage that may result from said use, whether such damage be to the property or person of the users or employees, or property of Hilldale Golf Course, the property of persons or others.
Rain Checks

Rain checks apply to rain only. If you have paid for your green fees and tee off the first hole and have not made the turn a credit equaling half of the amount you paid will be issued. (With an expiration date of one year). If you have teed off on 10 and have started to play no rain check/ credit will be issued.

Twilight: Is as many holes as you can play before sunset. That is why the price is lower than any other time throughout the day. Rain checks will not be issued.

Unauthorized Use of the Course 

Trespassers, dog-walkers, bird feeders, bicycle riders, picnickers, ball pickers or any other unauthorized person are not permitted to walk, ride, or rest on the golf premises. 

No person is allowed to play golf on the course after it has been closed by the course greens superintendent or his designee because of weather or certain maintenance practices. Cart usage is also regulated by the course management.

Golf privileges may be revoked for persons who submit false information for the purpose of securing golfing privileges. 


No coolers, thermos bottles, or other beverages are allowed unless purchased on the premises.